I am a Denver-based music educator with a broad musical and teaching background. At the University of Illinois I am earning my Master of Music Education and at Northwestern University I earned my BM in Music Composition and MA in Sound Arts & Industries. At the Chicago Park District I taught preschool music, voice, piano, guitar, and wrote and music directed children’s musicals. Prior to that I interned at 98.7 WFMT, coached middle school track & field, and worked for composer Paul Caldwell at the Youth Choral Theater of Chicago.

Below is a portfolio of some of my musical endeavors. I hope you enjoy!

Piano Album

As a kid I loved sitting at pianos and making up music. During quarantine I rediscovered that love. This album includes my favorite moments from over 100 piano improvisations. You can hear my creative process as I explore and develop musical ideas. Each recording was minimally edited. Every happy accidental and beautiful imperfection was preserved. In school I felt pressure to make music as perfectly as possible. Now that I am a music teacher, I want my kids to make music in a way that makes them happy. Working on this album brought me joy during a dark year. I hope it brings you some too.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or right here:

Radio & Podcasts

synesthesia – a podcast opera

created & produced by patrick

“easily one of the most creative podcasts ever.”
– jay soderberg, former head of podcasts at espn

“heartbreaking… hauntingly beautiful and incredibly important”
– jessie, between two earbuds

“a brand new art form…  who has done a podcast opera before?”
– george cederquist, opera box score

“chilling… each episode is released exactly a year after the moment the gun went off.”
– syd shaw, north by northwestern

an interview with the vienna vegetable orchestra, produced by patrick for 98.7 wfmt

a condensed history of the observable universe, produced by patrick

each second represents 1 billion years

a history of synthesizers, produced by patrick for 98.7 wfmt

Choral Conducting

conducted by patrick

conducted by patrick

Soundtracks & Sound Design

from the video game “rails”

music by patrick and matt kania

original video: bbc’s planet earth
music & sound by patrick

babies & beats
sound design by patrick

A Cappella

rock paper shotgun by the northwestern undertones

music directed by patrick

arranged by patrick

chaos theory by vocal chaos

assistant music directed by patrick

second solo by patrick

music directed & arranged by patrick

solo by patrick