How can I affect change?

Once you start identifying problems, it may feel overwhelming. Consider pursuing change from the bottom up:

  1. All of humanity
  2. All of America
  3. National education associations
  4. Your national music ed association
  5. Your state music ed association
  6. Your local community
  7. Your district
  8. Your school
  9. Your music program
  10. Your self

Start by defining your own hierarchy, naming specific organizations you are part of, including all the intermediate steps that make sense for you. The closer to the top, the more influential it is, but the less power you are likely to have over it. Then consider, where do I currently have power? Where could it be worthwhile to pursue power? And how can I wield my power to help those with less?

Most importantly, start with yourself. When you are ready, take a step up. And when you have new ideas, return to yourself before working up again.

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