The Colors of my Curriculum

When designing music curriculum, I have an almost overwhelming array of options. To help, I am organizing these options like colors on a palette. These colors can then be mixed and used to paint the curriculum for a course, unit, or individual class.

Colors of Musical Experience

Aesthetic experience
Musical instruments (performance, ensembles, for self, others, digital, acoustic, notation)
Musical creativity (improvisation, design, production)
Entrepreneurship (putting on shows, releasing music online)

Any of these may include listening, playing, or creating. Or music technology. Or student creativity. Or musical styles including world and popular musics.

Colors of Musical Connection

Our culture (fine arts, media studies, industries)
History & cultural anthropology
Sound science (audiology, acoustics, acoustic ecology, digital audio, cognition, emotion)

How do you paint your curriculum? What colors do you use the most? What colors could you add?

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